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Alcohawk breathalyzers take so many people by surprise. Just how capable is the device at detecting the levels of blood alcohol with such precision? What is the working principle of the device? Well, it is not magic but rather well-crafted technology that accords this device its dazzling abilities.

Two working principles form the basis of the Alcohawk breathalyzer. They are the "platinum fuel cell" and the "semiconductor" principles. There are two categories of Alcohawk analysers, the platinum fuel analyser and the semiconductor analyser. The two types of alcohol detectors have been used with exceptional detection outcomes.

What is the working principle of the Alcohawk analyser device? In order to detect blood alcohol levels, users have to blow their breath into the breathalyzers. The collected air passes through a system of dual electrodes made of platinum, resulting into oxidation. When alcohol is present in the breath the resulting oxidation would generate a substantial electric current. The greater the amount of alcohol in the breath, the greater the electric current, because of the fuel cell principle individuals can quickly and conveniently establish the precise quantity of alcohol in the blood-stream.

The semiconductor technique is almost similar to the fuel analyser principle except for the detected substances. Semiconductor breathalyzers normally detect an extensive number of substances including ketones, smoke and gasoline particles. The extensive list of substances creates test performance complications and limits the usefulness of the alcohol breath test.

Alcohawk breathalyzers that operate through the platinum fuel cell principle is currently the most exclusive alcohol analyser available in the market. It can be applied both in personal and professional needs. According to surveys, the platinum fuel cell Alcohawk breathalyzer is the number one choice for professional and law enforcement authorities. Its precision and error-free blood alcohol level detection is unmatched.

Several users of alcohol analysers are usually concerned about accuracy. Is the Alcohawk breathalyzer test accurate and fault proof? Certainly yes! All tests with these platinum electrode analysers have always been proved accurate. Professionals have even compared the results obtained using the breathalyzer with laboratory blood alcohol tests and found that this method is second to none. It is swift, convenient and always accurate!

What are the benefits of this device? Primarily, it can save an individual from terrible accidents and health problems. When you use this device, you can easily determine your blood alcohol level and decide when to ask someone to drive you home. The analyser results can also help you regulate your daily alcohol consumption levels and avoid crippling drinking habits. The legal implications of driving while drunk are grave but you can pre-check your blood alcohol level before driving to avoid failing tests by law enforcers.

There you have it: a superior quality Alcohawk breathalyzer! The analyser is extremely valuable for all kinds of alcohol level detections and for professional or personal use. It has been tested and proved to be accurate by law enforcers who cannot work without it. This product is also praised by all users for its accuracy and convenience.